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Balada o multidimenzionální válce

5. ledna 2016 v 21:51 | ~ KhaliaArt |  Poetický klid
Ballad of multidimensional war

In Caelum, in the mourning dusk
the great Lion know his task.
Double black wings against white,
two creatures lost from human sight.

In the fight for love of Patet
stood dark warriors, mighty Cadents
- Regent's army, furious, proud,
attendants' blood in his snout.

Then the werewolf Regent moved
into the sphere deeply doomed.
He called out other regent beigns,
without light and without feelings.

They came to me, to Patet's lair,
They laughed and thought it is fair.
And in this night of Regent's own torture
I calmly whispered: "I write your future."

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